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Abi Borrows  |  Lawyer
Amy Hardie  |  Lawyer
Andrew Potter  |  Lawyer
Andrew Riches  |  Partner
Anna Kissick  |  Senior Associate
Ben Frampton  |  Partner
Brooke Rushton  |  Lawyer
Bronwyne Hill  |  Registered Legal Executive
Cam Derby  |  Associate
Charlotte Grimshaw  |  Senior Associate
Charlotte Russell  |  Lawyer
Cherry Mo  |  Associate
Chris Fowler  |  Partner
David Lang  |  Partner
Dean Palmer  |  Consultant
Deb Drew  |  Senior Registered Legal Executive
Deborah Magee  |  Lawyer
Jackson Fletcher  |  Lawyer
James Ferguson  |  Senior Lawyer
Jen Bensley  |  Partner
Jeremy Bull  |  Partner
Jessica Manson  |  Associate
John Bates  |  General Manager
Josie Berliner  |  Lawyer
Julia Johnston  |  Partner
Julia Lang  |  Senior Lawyer
Kara Morton  |  Lawyer
Karen Anderson  |  Senior Legal Executive
Kelly McClurg  |  Registered Legal Executive
Liam Glubb  |  Partner
Linda de Paor  |  Senior Lawyer
Lucy Keenan  |  Associate
Margita Grins  |  Senior Associate
Meg Gregson  |  Partner
Nick Burley  |  Partner
Nicola Coombes  |  Partner
Nicole Watson  |  Senior Registered Legal Executive
Paul Coghlan  |  Partner
Peter Wood  |  Consultant
Richard Sprott  |  Consultant
Roxana Cvasniuc  |  Lawyer
Roz Tohill  |  Legal Executive
Sam McLean  |  Lawyer
Samantha Forbes  |  Senior Registered Legal Executive
Sophie Lester  |  Senior Lawyer
Tita Elliott  |  Lawyer
Toby Giles  |  Partner
Tracey McDermott  |  Accounting Executive