At Saunders & Co, our Employment Law team advises on all aspects of the employment relationship for both employers and employees.

The employment relationship can be a difficult one if not managed correctly. Our aim in advising clients is to prevent issues from arising by giving effective, forward thinking advice at the outset. When issues do arise, we advise our clients on how to deal with these in a way that best fits, whether it be a quick and cost effective settlement or determining the dispute through the Employment Authority.


Your business may qualify for government support to help you to continue to pay your employees.


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Our services include:

  • Drafting and reviewing employment agreements, policies and independent contractor agreements.
  • Raising and defending personal grievance claims.
  • Representation at mediation.
  • Advising on disciplinary processes including disciplinary investigations, warnings and dismissals.
  • Advising on restructures and redundancies.
  • Managing poor performance and medical incapacity.  
  • Advising on holiday pay and wage claims.
  • Drafting and advising on restraint of trade provisions.
  • Advising on privacy considerations including disclosure obligations.
  • Responding to and advising on professional complaints.
  • Commencing and defending proceedings in the Employment Relations Authority and the Employment Court.
  • Advising on health and safetyissues in the workplace.


  • Undertaking an extensive review of an employer’s employment agreements and advising on the use of the 90 day trial and probationary periods.
  • Drafting employment agreements for an employer in the construction industry and advising on health and safety and drug and alcohol policy clauses.
  • Representing an employee through a disciplinary process for serious misconduct.
  • Raising and defending personal grievances for both employers and employees.
  • Defending a claim for an employer against an employee in the Employment Relations Authority for breach of non-solicitation of trade clauses.

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