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5 February 2021

Waitangi Day and Mondayisation

Those who work a Monday to Friday job will be looking forward to a long weekend. While Waitangi Day falls on a Saturday this year, the public holiday is taken on the following Monday. However, Mondayisation can be difficult to navigate for those with 6 or 7-day operations. We provide a brief overview on how to approach payment for Waitangi Weekend.


If an employee works on Saturday 6 February they should be paid time and a half for all hours worked. In addition, if they ordinarily work on Saturdays, they should be given a day in lieu.


If an employee usually works on Saturdays or Mondays (and does not work this weekend), they must be paid as usual.


If an employee does not work Saturday 6 February, but works on Monday 8 February, they must be paid time and a half for all hours worked. If they usually work on Mondays, they should also be given a day in lieu.


If they employee works both days, they only get public holiday entitlements for one day.


Note: If an employee is sick or in a period of annual leave on a public holiday, they are paid as usual for the public holiday and do not have to take this day as sick leave or annual leave.


For a handy guide to Mondayised entitlements check the Government website relating to public holidays falling on a weekend. Found here.



If you have any questions about your public holiday entitlements or obligations, please contact Deborah Hendry and Claire McCool .