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Our Technology Services

Technology is a fast growing and exciting sector, with its implementation now a key part of almost every business.

When it comes to tech start-ups there are some specific mechanisms that need to be put in place to ensure success when commercialising new ideas and software.

These include sourcing venture capital and taking on investors, protecting intellectual property, confidentiality agreements, software licensing and distribution agreements.

Negotiating these matters can be a risky and complex process for the uninitiated, which is why expert advice from our specialist legal team is critical from the outset.

We also provide a range of general business legal advice to technology clients at all stages of operation, including buying and selling of businesses and property, employment matters, partnership agreements, succession planning, and risk identification.

As a firm, Saunders & Co has a strong interest in new technologies. We are investors in our own software platforms – the OneLaw practice module and Justly online wills software, so have a good understanding of how to approach an investment in technology.

One of our Partners, Toby Giles has a significant understanding of the business operations of Internet Service Providers, having held governance positions on two major Telcos.

Examples of Recent Work

  • Virginia Nicols, Senior Associate, is a member of  Canterbury Tech and is currently working with a high-tech manufacturer in Christchurch to obtain Callaghan funding for their new R&D project.
  • Liam Glubb recently completed a development agreement for an established local game studio to work with a smaller US company on a $1million new project.

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Toby Giles

Toby Giles


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Liam Glubb

Liam Glubb


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Nathaniel Heslop

Nathaniel Heslop


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Virginia Nicols

Virginia Nichols

Senior Associate | Registered Patent Attorney (New Zealand and Australia)

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