Unless you are a New Zealand citizen, you must hold a visa to be lawfully in New Zealand. The type of visa will depend on your purpose for being in the country.

Moving to New Zealand?


If you are contemplating moving to NZ, Saunders & Co immigration lawyers can advise on the visa that is right for your needs, and assist in preparing the appropriate paperwork for such a visa application. From the planning stages of your move to New Zealand, through to your obtaining citizenship, we can assist with every step of your migration journey.


Our Specialist immigration lawyers can speed up the New Zealand immigration process. We can help with business/investment visas; overcoming character or medical issues; the skilled migrant process and obtaining a visa as a skilled migrant.


Visiting NZ


If you are not from a country covered by visa waiver provisions, or you have unusual personal circumstances (such as health or character concerns, or you are travelling for something other than a holiday), you will most likely need to apply for a visitor visa. We can advise on whether an application needs to be made, and can assist in preparing and submitting this application.


Working in New Zealand


Are you planning on working in NZ? Have you been offered the opportunity to work in New Zealand? If so, you will need to apply for one of the several types of work visas that are available under New Zealand’s Immigration policy. Determining the most appropriate type of work visa requires an analysis of the job on offer and your existing experience and qualifications. We can advise you, and your employer, on this process to reduce the risk of your application being declined or made under the wrong category, resulting in a shorter visa and delaying your potential eligibility for residence.


Studying in New Zealand


Are you considering studying in NZ? Whether you are looking to undertake primary, secondary or tertiary study in New Zealand, we can assist in obtaining a New Zealand student visa for you or your children.


We can advise you on work rights, post-study work visa options, and visa options for family wishing to accompany international students to New Zealand.


Residency in New Zealand


Are you applying for residency? There are a number of avenues for obtaining residence in New Zealand, through skills, investment, or family connections. We encourage clients to pursue residency as soon as they are eligible to do so.


We can advise on your eligibility under residency NZ categories, and any complexities that may need to be addressed. We can represent and assist you through the often lengthy application process from start to finish, providing quality advice along every step of the way.


New Zealand Citizenship


Applying for citizenship NZ? As residence is no guarantee of citizenship, we can advise on your eligibility in this final step of the migration journey.


Unlawful Status


Have you recently had your visa declined? Are you currently unlawfully in New Zealand as a result, unable to lodge a new application and facing deportation?


It is still possible to request and obtain a new visa, and become lawful in New Zealand once more, if the correct steps are taken in a timely manner.


We can advise you on what options are available to you, and prepare the appropriate submissions based on your specific circumstances.


Employer Accreditation


Are you looking to recruit workers from overseas? Are you trying to assist an employee with their visa application? Are you interested in becoming an “Accredited Employer”?


We can advise on the most practical and cost effective options when looking to employ migrant workers, advise on staff and visa structures that will work for your company, and with the highest chance of success, while ensuring that all employment obligations are adhered to.


We also offer seminars for companies employing high numbers of migrant workers.


If you are interested in booking a seminar, or are in need of specific advice for your company or an employee, please contact us.


Links for Further Information


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How Saunders & Co can add value:

  • Advising on medical or character concerns that may impact on visa eligibility
  • Determining whether occupations meet the definition of “skilled employment”
  • Planning the most efficient pathway for obtaining residence status
  • Informing employers of the expectations placed on them by Immigration New Zealand
  • Assisting migrants with expired visas to legalise their status
  • Providing a complete settlement package, including assisting with the purchase of property, arranging finances, and updating your legal documentation to comply with New Zealand law
  • Advice on immigration and tax law

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