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23 March 2015

Four Insider Tips for Getting the Most from your Patent Attor...

FOUR INSIDER TIPS FOR GETTING VALUE FROM YOUR PATENT ATTORNEY By Virginia Nichols, Senior Associate at Saunders & Co When it comes to advice about your Intellectual Property (IP), your best qualified advisor is a Registered Patent Attorney.

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19 March 2015

Mr Zog's Sex Wax

MR ZOG'S SEX WAX AND THE POWER OF COMPOSITE TRADE MARKS One of the most common questions in trade mark cases is whether two trade marks are sufficiently similar that there would be a likelihood of deception or confusion between them.…

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3 March 2015

G-Star v JeansWest - additional damages

Trans-Tasman warning from Jeans Wars The Court of Appeal recently upheld a decision finding that copyright in the design of a pair of jeans had been infringed.

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1 February 2015

Who can challenge a patent application?

Who can challenge a patent application?  Patents provide a 20 year statutory monopoly for new inventions.   Applications for patents are examined by IPONZ (part of MoBIE) to check they meet the legal requirements for grant.

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