Why Enduring Powers of Attorney are so Important

Family cannot automatically make your decisions if you lose capacity. Why enduring Powers of Attorney are so important.

Who would be able to make decisions for you if you became ill, had an accident or became mentally incapable to manage your own affairs?  Many people assume their family members can automatically make decisions for them but this is not the case. Legal documents called Enduring Powers of Attorney are required.

Enduring Powers of Attorney (EPOAs) are legal documents that grant another person (your attorney) the power to make financial, property and health decisions on your behalf.

Without valid EPOAs in place, your family members would have to go through the expensive and time-consuming process of getting the Court to decide on who should make your decisions for you and the Court may not pick who you’d pick yourself.

Why not come in and have a chat about making or updating your EPOAs so that you know that whatever happens, you and your affairs will be taken care of.

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