Samoa Joins Madrid Protocol

From 4 March 2019, it will be possible to protect your trademark in Samoa using the Madrid Protocol.

The Madrid Protocol makes it easier and cheaper for New Zealand businesses to protect their trade marks overseas.  A strong international trade mark strategy includes protecting both your major sales markets, as well as any overseas jurisdictions where you manufacture.

Saunders & Co has a network of international Associates to assist our clients with protecting their rights overseas, including in Samoa.  The advantage of the Madrid Protocol is that we only need to call on our Associates if there are objections to registration, or for enforcement.  We are experienced at using the Madrid Protocol to obtain protection directly.  From March, the Madrid Protocol will cover 119 countries, including major trading partners such as Australia, China, EU, Japan, UK, and US.

If you manufacture overseas, you should protect your brand in the local jurisdiction (before an enterprising local does that for you, and blocks your exports).  New Zealand businesses selling into overseas markets should protect their trade marks as part of protecting their market share (ideally putting protection in place 1 to 3 years before market entry).

Protection is about to get easier for exporters to Samoa.  If you would like to arrange a consultation to discuss your trade mark protection strategy, in New Zealand or overseas, contact our Virginia Nichols.