NZ Wine Growers Face New Rules for Australian Tax Rebate in 2018

Wine growers around the country will be busy with the 2018 vintage, and it’s important not to forget the business side.

Those exporting to Australia will be aware of the strict new rules around Australia’s rebate of the Wine Equalisation Tax.

At this stage, many prudent vintners will be ensuring they own source product that makes up at least 85% of the total volume of the wine throughout the wine-making process to meet the most important criteria.

The good news is that meeting the second criteria can be easy – you have to brand your bottles with identifying signs that match trade marks registered in either New Zealand or Australia (or both).

Virginia Nichols is an Australian Registered Trade Mark Attorney (among other things), who can help ensure your trade mark registrations match your commercial requirements.

Saunders & Co is pleased to support New Zealand wine growers to optimise their legal position, so growers can focus on producing another great kiwi vintage.