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Wills and Estates

Our wills and estate administration services

Estates can be straightforward, or they can be complex. Our compassionate team at Saunders & Co has extensive experience in all aspects of estate planning and administration and takes a forward thinking approach to ensure the process is less stressful for the families left behind.

The strength comes from having a well-crafted will, which ensures the client’s wishes are recorded correctly and can be carried out in accordance with their intentions.

We also assist people to understand their legal obligations if they have been named as an administrator or executor of a will, and can advise beneficiaries or potential beneficiaries of an estate.

Our Estates team can also discuss Enduring Powers of Attorney to help clients protect their personal and property rights while they are still alive.

We provide an effective, empathetic service and are always happy to discuss matters during office hours. Please feel free to call.

Our wills, succession and estate administration services

  • Review of existing wills
  • Preparation of wills
  • Enduring powers of attorney
  • Estate administration
  • Family protection
  • Succession planning

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