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Relationship Property

Our relationship property services

Anyone who is married, in a civil union, or de facto relationship will be affected by the Property (Relationships) Act once one of the parties dies or the relationship ends by separation.

Dealing with Relationship Property matters on top of a stressful and what is an emotionally-charged time can be a daunting prospect. However with practical, straight-forward legal advice from the expert team at Saunders & Co these matters can be resolved effectively and efficiently, usually without the need to enter the courtroom.

Our specialist team has significant experience and expertise in matters around separation and divorce, relationship property and protection of assets, with our network of valuers on hand to ensure just division.

We are also experts in the preparation of contracting out agreements (pre-nuptial agreements) for clients intending to marry or cohabitate. These agreements are an increasingly popular form of relationship insurance to protect parties’ existing assets such as the family home and chattels, life insurance, superannuation, inheritances and gifts, businesses, income, and bank accounts.

You can make agreements about the status, ownership and division of relationship property at any time during your relationship. Please feel free to call one of our relationship property specialists.

Our relationship property services include:

  • Contracting out agreements (pre-nuptial agreements)
  • Separation/divorce
  • Marriage dissolution


Sarah Bee

Sarah Bee


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Michael Kirkland

Michael Kirkland

Consultant/Special Counsel

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Anna Kissick

Anna Kissick


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Peter Tatham - Hornby

Peter Tatham


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Andrew Riches

Andrew Riches


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Cherry Mo

Cherry Mo


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Nicola Coombes - Ferrymead

Buvanis Karuppiah - Ferrymead

Buvanis Karuppiah

Legal Executive

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