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Registered Designs

Registered Designs protect the unique ornamental features that make your product look better than all the rest.

Original shapes of products, such as light fittings, furniture or clothing can be protected by design registration.

You MUST keep your new design secret! Don’t sell or publicise it before you talk to us. If you do, it will no longer be “novel”.

How Saunders & Co adds value

If you design products with quality styling that sets you apart, you may want to obtain a 15 year monopoly in that look.

Start with contacting us for a consultation, to determine your IP strategy. If it may include design registration – keep it secret!


Virginia Nichols

Virginia Nichols

Senior Associate | Registered Patent Attorney (New Zealand and Australia)

T +64 3 963 1463
M +64 27 449 8893
E virginia.nichols@saunders.co.nz