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Overseas IP

Saunders & Co is a member of the International Trade Marks Association (INTA), which hosts the largest meeting of IP professionals in the world at its Annual Conference.  We have a network of international associates who can provide advice specific to their jurisdiction.

Every country has different IP laws – a strategy that works in New Zealand may not protect you overseas.

Even Australia has very different laws to New Zealand in some areas of IP.

How Saunders & Co adds value

If you are either exporting, or manufacturing overseas, you need to make sure your IP protection is right for those jurisdictions.

For example, in most overseas countries, whoever registers a trade mark first owns all the legal rights to it. This means someone else could register your NZ trade mark, and stop you from selling or even manufacturing in that market.

We can help you develop and implement an appropriate overseas IP protection strategy, through our experience, and extensive networks of foreign associates.


Virginia Nichols

Virginia Nichols

Senior Associate | Registered Patent Attorney (New Zealand and Australia)

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M +64 27 449 8893
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