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IPONZ Hearings

IPONZ are the government gatekeeper of all New Zealand registered IP rights. Using IPONZ proceedings, you can stop your competitors registering trade mark that are too similar to yours, or obtaining a patent monopoly that is unduly broad.

How Saunders & Co adds value

Defending your rights at IPONZ level may be the first step in convincing your competitors of the error of their ways. Although IPONZ decisions can be appealed, you may be fettered by the evidence you present to IPONZ.

Put your best foot forward by engaging our experienced team to represent your interests before IPONZ.


Virginia Nichols

Virginia Nichols

Senior Associate | Registered Patent Attorney (New Zealand and Australia)

T +64 3 963 1463
M +64 27 449 8893
E virginia.nichols@saunders.co.nz