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Immigration Law

Our immigration services

Unless you have citizenship here, a visa is necessary to be lawfully in New Zealand. The type of visa will depend on your purpose for being in the country.

Saunders & Co can help you determine the type of visa that is right for your needs, and prepare the appropriate paperwork for such a visa to be issued. From the planning stages of your move to New Zealand, through to you obtaining citizenship, we can assist you on your migration journey.

Please browse our links on the different types of visas available to you, or contact our team to discuss your options further.

How Saunders & Co can add particular value

    • Advising on medical or character concerns that may impact on visa eligibility
    • Determining whether occupations meet the definition of “skilled employment”
    • Planning the most efficient pathway for obtaining residence status
    • Informing employers of the expectations placed on them
    • Assisting migrants with expired visas to legalise their status
    • Providing a complete settlement package; e.g. assisting you with property purchasing, arranging finances, and updating your legal documentation to comply with NZ law

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