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Fee reduction for IP protection in Australia

  • 26 August 2016

Lower fees to protect your Intellectual Property in Australia

IP Australia (the government department that registers trade marks, patents and designs in Australia) has recently announced a restructure of its fees, which will come into effect on 10 October 2016.  Although regular renewals fees for maintaining granted rights will be increasing, many other fees are being altered, or even removed entirely. One of the biggest beneficiaries will be companies looking to register their trade marks in Australia, where the typical total government fees will be reducing by AU$170 (~NZ$180).

Why you should consider registering your trade mark in Australia

If you sell products or services in Australia, or over the internet to Australian customers, you should consider registering your trade mark.  Registration gives you an immediate monopoly right across all States in the Commonwealth of Australia, which is enforceable through the Federal Courts.  This puts you in a prime position to shut down any competitors who try to copy your branding.

Did you know…

Unlike many other New Zealand law firms, Saunders & Co’s Intellectual Property specialist Virginia Nichols can work directly with IP Australia to register your trade marks (and other IP rights) in Australia as well as New Zealand, saving you the cost of appointing a separate Australian-based agent (at Australian rates).  Contact Virginia Nichols to discuss a cost-effective strategy to protect your IP in New Zealand, Australia, and further abroad.