Build Expo in Auckland

With increased regulation and a number of major construction companies reporting losses on key construction projects, it is imperative that those involved in the construction industry have a strong relationship with their lawyers.

Our construction team and associated specialists in employment, immigration, insurance and tax, attended the Auckland Build Expo on 8 and 9 November. We were the only lawyers to exhibit. Over the two days we really enjoyed connecting with our existing clients and also meeting many new faces. On the Friday we presented on the main stage focussing on the areas that we commonly advise on for those in the construction industry.

We strongly believe that taking legal advice at the outset not only helps to avoid complications later on but also creates benefits for your business. Laying the foundations for a profitable construction business is as easy as 1 2 3…

  1. Cash flow is the lifeblood of any project. As such, it is vital to ensure your structure and contracts are set up correctly and specific to your business needs to ensure profits are maximised and risks identified. Our team of construction, insurance, litigation and tax specialists can review any contracts and processes you have in place to ensure you are sufficiently protected, and that you are maximising your business’s potential. We can also provide guidance and interventions to minimise the chances of a dispute arising and, if a dispute does arise, we will act swiftly and streamline the process to ensure a prompt resolution.
  2. The right labour is critical to getting any project completed on time and up to standard. Our team of immigration specialists can ensure you are attracting and retaining the right labour, and are compliant with all immigration and employment obligations associated with this.
  3. Health & Safety and employment obligations are constantly changing; any mistakes will be costly. Our team of employment specialists can ensure your health & safety and employment policies and documentation are compliant, but more importantly, practical.

As part of the expo, we gave away a free Code of Compliance package which we have designed to provide construction companies with a comprehensive review of all the  core areas referenced above. Congratulations to our lucky winner, we look forward to working with you.

If you need help in relation to your construction business, get in touch with the construction team and related specialists and we can be the lawyer in your tool box.