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5 Tips for Making a Splash with Patent Protection

Kiwi firm, Zuru, made headlines this week for winning $18million in a patent infringement action in the US.  Patents can be useful commercial tools to put your company in a winning position in your own markets (although payouts by US juries are notoriously high by international standards).

Patent protection gives you a 20 year monopoly in an inventive product or process.

Here are 5 top tips to position a typical kiwi company to be a winner with patents:

  • Identify innovations that might give you an advantage over competitors.
  • Before launch, talk to your Patent Attorney about protecting your invention with a Provisional Patent Application.
  • Use the next year to promote and research.
  • Target protection to markets where you will either sell or make a lot of products.
  • License local partners to distribute products and enforce your rights.

The Zuru example is a reminder that innovation doesn’t have to be complicated to be valuable. To discuss protecting your intellectual property, contact our Registered Patent Attorney, Virginia Nichols.

Virginia Nichols