Value Billing

Saunders & Co employs a value billing philosophy.  Our responsibility to you is to convey the value of our advice. Value can take many forms, including:

  • maximising a financial outcome to you;
  • speed of delivery;
  • identifying and creating opportunities;
  • avoiding and managing significant risks;
  • cost comparison to market norms; and
  • achieving a desired result

Accordingly, whilst we utilise time recording systems to identify the cost of your work, we will always have regard to value when setting our fees.  Delivering value to our clients is essential to us.  

Fees Policy

Our professional fees are calculated in accordance with any estimate if one is provided, or in accordance with any other arrangement we may have with you. We take into account the guidelines set by the New Zealand Law Society, including:

  • the value or amount of any property, assets or money involved;
  • the skill, specialised knowledge and responsibility required;
  • the importance of the matter to you and the result achieved;
  • the urgency and circumstances in which the business is transacted;
  • the complexity of the issue and the difficulty or novelty of the questions involved;
  • the time expended on the work;
  • the number and importance of the documents being prepared or perused;
  • the level of legal aid (if any) granted to your case.

We will charge you for any amounts billed to us by third parties ("disbursements"). These may include agent's fees, travel expenses, legal forms, court fees payable to the Ministry of Justice, courier fees, search or registration fees payable to LINZ or the Companies Office, and Local Council fees. We may request payment of disbursements in advance.

We do not charge a generic office service charge for such items as stationery, copying and printing, postage, faxing, internet and telephone. These items are covered in our fees. We may make an additional specific charge for such items where a particular circumstance warrants this.

Please note where you have instructed us to begin work prior to legal aid being granted and legal aid is subsequently declined, our fee policy above will apply.

For a full copy of our terms and conditions, please click here:

Standard Terms of Engagement 


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